Feature Showcase


Here is a nice inline math expression \(y = mx + b\). Here you can see the Inter font at work with its contextual alternatives and ligature featurers enabled:

3x9 1—2 <==>

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Standalone Math Block

\[\int_{a}^{b} x^2 dx\]

Inline Math Example

\(\exists x \forall y (Rxy \equiv Ryx)\)

\(i \hbar \frac{d}{d t}\vert\Psi(t)\rangle = \hat H\vert\Psi(t)\rangle\)

credit: Wikipedia

Tikz Image

$$ \begin{tikzpicture}[line width=0.1mm,scale=1.0545]\small \tikzset{>=stealth} \tikzset{snake it/.style={->,semithick, decoration={snake,amplitude=.3mm,segment length=2.5mm,post length=0.9mm},decorate}} \def\h{3} \def\d{0.2} \def\ww{1.4} \def\w{1+\ww} \def\p{1.5} \def\r{0.7} \coordinate[label=below:$A_1$] (A1) at (\ww,\p); \coordinate[label=above:$B_1$] (B1) at (\ww,\p+\h); \coordinate[label=below:$A_2$] (A2) at (\w,\p); \coordinate[label=above:$B_2$] (B2) at (\w,\p+\h); \coordinate[label=left:$C$] (C1) at (0,0); \coordinate[label=left:$D$] (D) at (0,\h); \draw[fill=blue!14](A2)--(B2)-- ++(\d,0)-- ++(0,-\h)--cycle; \draw[gray,thin](C1)-- +(\w+\d,0); \draw[dashed,gray,fill=blue!5](A1)-- (B1)-- ++(\d,0)-- ++(0,-\h)-- cycle; \draw[dashed,line width=0.14mm](A1)--(C1)--(D)--(B1); \draw[snake it](C1)--(A2) node[pos=0.6,below] {$c\Delta t$}; \draw[->,semithick](\ww,\p+0.44*\h)-- +(\w-\ww,0) node[pos=0.6,above] {$v\Delta t$}; \draw[snake it](D)--(B2); \draw[thin](\r,0) arc (0:atan2(\p,\w):\r) node[midway,right,yshift=0.06cm] {$\theta$}; \draw[opacity=0](-0.40,-0.14)-- ++(0,5.06); \end{tikzpicture} $$

credit: Upmath example image by Roman Parpalak

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